Manuscript Submission

All participants are expected to submit electronically their full text of oral/poster manuscripts for review before September 30, 2017.

Overall criteria for Acceptance of Articles for Acta Horticulturae:

Paper represents a contribution to the area of postharvest.

Paper is written in the English language and is understandable.

Papers reporting results of experiments normally include at least four sections: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion. Other types of papers may have different formats. Abstracts or extended summaries will not be published.

Data should be analyzed statistically where appropriate.

Results and conclusions are consistent with the data presented.

Literature Cited is appropriate to the content.

Manuscript Length. Manuscripts should be as concise as possible: maximum recommended length is 16 pages for keynote presentations and 8 pages for oral and posters, including figures and tables. An average page of text will contain about 500 words. Manuscript reviewers will delete unnecessary information and will advise on the number of pages each manuscript should have, taking into account its content and quality.

For submission, follow the ISHS online submission procedures (ROSA - Responsive Online System for Acta Horticulturae submission and review)
ROSA Guidelines for Authors

Online manuscript submission is already available starting January 30, 2017.
Online Manuscript Submission